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About Us

A little bit of history

How did nsejt.mt start?

In late 2021, brothers Owen & Dylan Grech took an afternoon off their busy schedules to brainstorm ideas for a new business. They both agreed that it would be something related to retail. They've considered many options, however, they kept circling back to the shipping & delivery times. The brothers couldn't be more different in the way they shopped but agreed that the delivery time of conventional retail was just too slow. Anything over 48 hours was unacceptable in 2021.

Once they decided that the main selling point of this business was going to be delivery speed, they needed to decide what was it they were going to sell. This was no easy task, especially on an island like Malta that already had circa 1,000 retailers, how could they be unique? It was at this point that Dylan realised how painful it was for himself whenever an occasion came up... He'd ALWAYS forget to buy a gift, and the nearby retailers used to welcome him with a common phrase; "Ergajt nsejt?" (did you forget again?), and the lightbulb went off. The brothers were set to create the largest gift shop on the island with fast delivery.

This idea took off so well, that even in the early days of launching (in December 2021), the brand got instantly covered by some of the largest news outlets on the island. To this day, nsejt.mt keeps growing at an incredible pace, with over 300 new products added monthly, and 5-star reviews on all major platforms.


The present

What is nsejt.mt doing today?

The brand nsejt.mt even though very young, has already embarked on various social missions to contribute to the community. To name a few;

Rigal b'Imhabba
nsejt.mt partners with Rigal b'Imhabba every year to enable people that would like to donate gifts to the less fortunate. Enabling them to make these donations without ever leaving the comfort of their homes, and to top it off, all the proceeds get donated to Istrina.

Pet Food Donations
Similar to Rigal b'Imhabba, customers of nsejt.mt may donate pet food to any shelter of their choosing without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. This service is also offered 100% free of charge.

Sustainable Packaging
Wherever possible, we'll only use recycled or reusable materials for packaging. All of our courier bags are sourced locally and are made of recycled paper.


Alongside the contributions to the community, nsejt.mt has and continues to help craftspeople and small businesses in growing their audience through various partnerships and collaborations. To name a few;

  • Kollox Go Kaxxa
  • Silver Filigree Artisan Community
  • Aromanite 


The future

What is expected of nsejt.mt in the future?

We're very lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly creative and hard-working people, so it's impossible to say what we'll be up to. We can however guarantee that every decision taken will be guided by our 4 core principles;

  • 5-Star Service Always
  • Affordability
  • Community First
  • Honesty