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Secure Payments

When shopping online it's important to know that your payment is going through securely and the company you're dealing with is trustworthy. That is why we offer 3 payment methods;

Credit / Debit Card
Processed through either Stripe or VivaWallet, your payment will go through either one of the payment institutions backed by multi-national banks. Each payment is automatically followed by a confirmation from either institution. Your card details are never shared with any of the nsejt.mt staff and you will never be charged without your prior consent.

Known for its tight security protocols, it guarantees peace of mind that your payment is secure and your card details are never shared with any of nsejt.mt staff. PayPal also makes it easy to dispute payment if you are not completely satisfied with our service.

Cash on Delivery / Pickup
You may also opt to pay for your order in cash, Revolut or BOV mobile after the order has been delivered to you. This enables you to inspect your order prior to processing payment.