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Did you know that every time you place an order on you can earn gift points? And what are gift points?

Gift points is a loyalty program offered by For every 1,000 gift points that you earn, we'll give you a €10 discount on your order!


So how to earn gift points?

Simple. Every time you place an order on, your account is automatically credited with gift points. 

The amount of points earned is shown on your order confirmation email, and you may also see your current points total in your account by clicking here.



You will only receive gift points if you are logged in when placing your order.


How many gift points are awarded per order?

You will earn 10 gift points with every order placed, and an additional 5 gift points for every €1 spent.

So, if you place an order of €50, you will receive 10 + 250 = 260 gift points.


Additional points

  • You will also earn additional gift points on special occasions.
  • 50 gift points on your Birthday
  • 5 gift points yearly
  • 5 gift points for registering your account



How can I check how many gift points I have?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Visit your profile page (


Can I store my gift points and exchange them later?
No. The points are consumed automatically. Whenever you have enough points to qualify for the discount, the discount is applied immediately.


I have purchased already but didn't get points
This could be because you were not logged in when placing the order. Get in touch with our support staff, and they can credit your account accordingly.


I can no longer access my account... Did I lose my points?
If you can no longer gain access to your account, get in touch with our support team, and they will transfer the points to your new account.


Can I give away/donate my points?
No. Points are not transferable.