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Rigal b’Imħabba - How it works

Rigal b’Imħabba - How it works

Spread the love this Christmas by donating a gift to a child that might otherwise not get one this Christmas.

With you can buy a gift online, and we'll take care of delivering it in your name to the campaign 'Rigal b’Imħabba'. In exchange for your wonderful gift, we'll donate our profits to 'Istrina 2021' a charity that helps countless people with serious illnesses.


How does it work?


  1. Select a gift from this section; Rigal b’Imħabba
  2. Continue to checkout
  3. Enter your billing details
  4. Select the delivery method; Rigal b’Imħabba
  5. Complete the checkout

The rest is up to us.

  1. We'll deliver your gift to the campaign Rigal b’Imħabba
  2. We'll place our profits in a pot

On December 26th we'll present all the proceeds live on Istrina 2021.