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Wooden Educational Pusher

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The Wooden Educational Pusher is a multifunctional toy designed to aid toddlers in learning to walk while maintaining correct posture. It features a handle for support, creative toys on each side for development, and a removable motor loop with beads. Made of durable wood and metal, it's safe for ages 12 months and up.

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The Wooden Educational Pusher is a meticulously crafted aid for toddlers learning to walk, offering sturdy support and promoting proper posture. Its thoughtful design features creative toys on each side, stimulating various developmental aspects. Atop the pusher, a removable motor loop with colorful beads enhances fine motor skills. Crafted from durable wood and metal, it ensures safety and longevity, suitable for children aged 12 months and above. With dimensions of 33 x 34 x 45.5 - 48cm, it's perfectly sized for little adventurers, promising years of joyful exploration and growth as a companion in their developmental journey.
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